Friday, May 21, 2010

One Last Hike for SBW 2010

Two days off from dumping beer into myself because I had to work was actually a nice break, but I am ready to resume the fun.  Today I'll hit Sour Fest Day 2, but that's probably all I can do due to some obligations I have this evening.

These past eight days or so have been a whirlwind of fun.  I really have had a blast going on hikes, bikes, and binges with fellow bloggers I'd only known over the intertubes, lots of brewers and beer nerds, and even strangers from out of town.  Our Good Beer Hike 5k last week was a little surreal and I hope to find the motivation to write more about the experience later.  Opening night, following the Hale's VIP bus by foot all around Seattle on a picture-perfect day...  Cruising down the Burke-Gilman Trail on a shitty bike in a monsoon...  Drinking cans of Ranger IPA at an impromptu party by the Fremont Troll...  My buddy's vomit that smelled like Lost Abbey Angel's Share...

Shit.  I have a LOT of catching up to do on this blog.

I'm still absorbing what an incredible outpouring of support for the Seattle beer community I've witnessed -- and I haven't even been to nearly as many events as some.  I likely won't forget what I've seen any time soon and I feel really lucky to have taken part in it.

Tomorrow there will be one last Seattle Beer Week 2010 urban beer hike.  Here's the map:

One Last SBW UBH
The Dray - Sundown Saloon - Pub at Piper's Creek - Naked City - Kort Haus - Reading Gaol

View One Last SBW UBH in a larger map

Meet me at The Dray.  2pm.


  1. Hmm. You're not working in Uber, on Aurora? I've read that they're about to close for good. With your route for tomorrow, it would just be a dogleg off Greenwood over to Uber...

  2. Too bad I have a commitment tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like fun.

  3. BrianB-
    What's this about Über closing? I have not heard that. That would suck.

    I go there somewhat frequently and have included it on other beer hikes. There is no particular reason I did not include them here. Unfortunately, with so many good beer spots in this part of town, I have to pick an choose, taking into account starting time, distance, etc.

    Plus, I like how this route worked out to look like a nice, neat number "1". :)