Urban Beer Maps


Seattle Beer Week 2013 - GREEN
You don't get to Beacon Hill or Central District enough (6 of 6); about 8 mi.
Beer Authority / Cooper's Alehouse / Duck Island / Chuck's Hop Shop /The Dray

Seattle Beer Week 2013 - PURPLE
One of my favorite routes in Seattle (5 of 6); 9 mi.
Collins Pub / Bambino's / Boxcar Ale House / Reuben's Brews / Barking Dog

Seattle Beer Week 2013 - BLUE
You don't get to Beacon Hill or Central District enough (4 of 6); almost 7 mi.
Stellar Pizza / Tippe & Drague / Wonder Bar / Elysian Brewing / The Pine Box
Seattle Beer Week 2013 - TEAL
A deceptively long and tough hike, but beautiful (3 of 6); about 9 mi.
Kiss Cafe / Brouwer's / Nickerson St. Saloon / Big Time / The Wurst Place
Seattle Beer Week 2013 - RED
The longest hike of Beer Week (2 of 6): Downtown to West Seattle; 9 mi.
Pike Brewing / Schooner Exact Brewing / Copper Coin / Beer Junction / Beveridge Place Pub

Seattle Beer Week 2013 - PINK
Seattle Beer Week opening day hike (1 of 6); about 7.5 mi.
The Dray / Sixgill / Fremont Brewing / Bottleworks / Burgundian / Naked City

Newbie UBH
Easy, dog-friendly hike exploring some new shit in Seattle; 4.2-6 mi.
Bottleworks / Fremont Brewing / Populuxe Brewing / Peddler Brewing / Urban Family Public House / The Dray (optional)

Earth Day Keg Haul 2013
Annual keg hike to Latona Pub to celebrate Earth Day; almost 11 miles.
Elysian G-Town / Georgetown Brewing / Schooner Exact / Elysian Fields / Pike Brewing / Nickerson St. Saloon / Elysian-Tangletown / Latona Pub

Two Towns & A Hill
Lots of neighborhood character and good long walks between pints; 7 mi.
Machine House Brewery / Tippe & Drague Alehouse / Collins Pub / Bambino's Pizzeria

Urban Beach Beer Hike
A flat, but tough hike along the shores of Puget Sound; 9.9 mi.
Chuck's Hop Shop / 7+ miles of shoreline / American Brewing

Legendary Keg Haul
Hauled a keg from Redmond to Green Lake.  Over two days.  Crazy; 25.18 miles.
Black Raven Brewing / Sammamish River Trail / Red Hook Brewery / Twelve Bars Brewing / Main Street Alehouse / Burke-Gilman Trail / The Beer Authority / Fiddler's Inn / Last Drop Bottleshop / Latona Pub

First of Spring
A good medium-distance hike in a great neighborhood; 5.3 miles.
Barking Dog Alehouse / Maritime Pacific Brewing / Fremont Brewing / Bottleworks / Elysian Brewing - Tangletown

Midsummer Mercer to Sound
This is the longest urban beer hike I'll probably ever do; 17.42 miles.
Stopsky's Deli / I-90 Trail / Collins Pub / Myrtle Edwards Park / Boxcar Alehouse / Lockspot Cafe / The Noble Fir / Waterwheel Lounge / Chuck's 85th / Snoose Junction II / Pub at Piper's Creek

International IPA Day 2011 (8 Mile Tune-up)
Second of two long-distance hikes to get ready for the big one in August; 8.4 miles.
The Dray / Maritime Pacific / Brouwer's / Fremont Brewing / Big Time Brewing / Bottleworks

9 Mile Tune-up
First of two long-distance hikes to get ready for the big one in August; 9.2 miles.
Collins Pub / Alki Tavern / Porterhouse / Husky Deli / Beveridge Place

Beer Geek Beer Hike
South Seattle tour/beer hike for my friends Merideth & Chris (thebeergeek.com); 6.2 miles.
Georgetown Brewing / Hudson / Two Beers / Schooner Exact / EPIC / Collins Pub / Stumbling Monk

Wheelchair Beer Hike
Seattle Beer Week 2011 Opening Night hike with drunks & a wheelchair; 5.4 mi.
The Dray / Maritime Pacific Brewery / Old Town Alehouse / Stepping Stone / Chuck's 85th / Naked City / The Yard

Climb To Queen Anne
Short, but somewhat steep walk up to and around Queen Anne Hill; almost 5 miles.
Bravehorse Tavern / Dexter & Hayes / Targys Tavern / Brouwer's

Earth Day Keg Haul 2011
Annual keg hike with Latona Pub to celebrate Earth Day; about 4.6 miles.
Jolly Roger (Maritime Pacific Brewing) / Hale's Ales / The Dock / Fremont Brewing /Tangletown / Latona Pub

Spring Training 2011
A short, but full walk from White Center to West Seattle; just over 3.5 miles.
Big Al Brewing / Company Bar / Proletariat Pizza & Full Tilt Ice Cream / Super Deli Mart / Locöl / Beveridge Place Pub

Over the Hill
Up and over Capitol Hill to Madison Park; about 4.5 miles.
Pike Brewing / Elysian Brewing / Madrona Ale House / The Attic Alehouse

Cold Saturday in SoDo
Short walk around an urban part of Seattle, south of Downtown (SoDo); about 4 miles.
Emerald City Brewing / Schooner Exact / Home for Wayward Brewers / Hooverville / Collins Pub

North x Northeast
A good hike in an under-explored part of Seattle; about 6 miles.
Cooper's Alehouse / Beer Authority / Fiddler's Inn / Wedgwood Alehouse / Hudson Public

Bottle Battle Beer Brawl (with Busses)
My first beer hike with the Bottle Battle gang to Seattle's northern bottle shops; three short bus rides and about 3.1 miles of hiking.
Beer Authority / Big Star Beer Market / Chuck's 85th St. Market / Bottleworks

Bye, Bye Buckaroo
An easy afternoon hike to say goodbye to another Seattle old-timer; about 3.5 miles
Fremont Brewing / Buckaroo Tavern (R.I.P.) / Red Mill Burgers / Naked City Brewing

Ballard to Belltown & Beyond
An all-day hike, but you can easily break it up into two or three smaller ones.  Very dog-friendly for the most part; about 13 miles
The Dray / Leary Traveler / Hilltop Alehouse / Belltown Pub / Whisky Bar / Stumbling Monk / Summit Public House / Brouwer's

Bottleworks Party Hike
A short hike from Fremont to Wallingford to Ravenna; about 4 miles
Brouwer's / Fremont Brewing / Bottleworks / Latona Pub / Pies & Pints

Ballard Mix Up
A good mix of the old and the new in and around Ballard; about 5.7 miles
The Dray / Viking Tavern / Market Arms / Smoke Shop / Noble Fir / Shelter Lounge

5 South
All-day hike to five breweries south and west of Downtown, ending up at Beveridge Place Pub; almost 12 miles
EPIC Ales / Schooner Exact / Georgetown Brewing / Odin Brewing / Big Al Brewing

5 North
All-day hike to five breweries in the northern part of the city; about 12 miles
RAM Northgate / Big Time / Fremont Brewing / Maritime Pacific / Naked City

Route 1
A good, long walk to some of the best places you've never been to; 5.2 miles
The Dray / Sweet Lou's (formerly Sundown Saloon) / Pub at Piper's Creek / Naked City / Ed's Kort Haus / 418 Pub (formerly Reading Gaol)

2010 Seattle Beer Week Good Beer Hike 5k
1st Annual Collaboration with GoodBeerTrips.com; about 5k (3.2 miles)
Pyramid / Collins Pub / Pike Brewing /Pioneer Square Saloon / Triangle Pub / Elysian Fields / Hooverville

Seattle Beer Week Opening Day
Celebrating the opening day of Seattle Beer Week; about 7.5 miles
Leary Traveler / Hale's Brewery / Shultzy's / Latona Pub / Naked City / Prost!

Epic Friday (Seattle Beer Week Training)
Lower Queen Anne to Capitol Hill via Seattle Center and Downtown; about 5 miles
Mecca Cafe / Two Bells / Six Arms / Elysian / Summit Pub / Stumbling Monk

Earth Week Kegs, Hale's to Latona Pub
Hale's Brewery (Fremont/Ballard) to Latona Pub (East Green Lake); about 4 miles
Hale's / Fremont Dock / Blue Star Cafe / Latona Pub

Big Time to Brouwer's and Beyond
University District to Frelard via Wallingford and Fremont; about 5.5 miles
Big Time / Bottleworks / Fremont Brewing / Brouwer's / Leary Traveler / The Dray

Walkin' West Seattle
A long walk around West Seattle; about 8.7 miles
Luna Park Cafe / Alki Beach / Celtic Swell / Porterhouse/ Prost! / Elliott Bay Brewing / Beveridge Place Pub

SoDo Straightaway
SoDo to Downtown; about 3.3 miles
Two Beers / EPIC Ales / Hooverville / Elysian Fields / Collins Pub

SoDo Straightaway, Extended Edition
Downtown to SoDo loop; about 6.5 miles
The Triangle Pub / Two Beers / EPIC Ales / Hooverville / Elysian Fields / Collins Pub
Wallingford to Fremont; about 2.7 miles
Dog Park / Bottleworks / Fremont Brewing Co. / Brouwer's
Around Green Lake to Greenwood; about 5 miles
Green Lake / 74th St. Alehouse or Prost / Naked City or Pillager's Pub or Pig 'n Whistle / Über Tavern or Duck Island Alehouse

Downtown to Capitol Hill; about 4 miles
Pike Brewing / Elysian / Hopvine / Stumbling Monk

Magnolia to Downtown to West Seattle; about 7 miles
The Dray / Brouwer's / Hilltop Ale House / Pike Brewing / Water Taxi / Beveridge Place

Green Lake to University District; about 7 miles
Tangletown / Around Green Lake / Latona Pub / Big Time

A flat, but long walk to Fairhaven and back, hitting most of Bellingham's best beer spots; about 10.5 miles
Cheese Meat(s) Beer / Boundary Bay / Archer Ale House / McKay's Taphouse / Marlins' Cafe / Kulshan Brewing / Elizabeth Station / Chuckanut Brewing / The Copper Hog

Bellingham Classic
A short walk around town and a steep hike to a view; about 4.4 miles
The Fountain Bistro / Chuckanut Brewing / Sehome Hill Arboretum / Boundary Bay Brewing / Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

A good long hike around downtown and along the coast; about 7.5 miles
Downrigger's / Joshua's / Michael's / Bar Nine / Peaks Brewpub

A day-long hike to some (not all) of Tacoma's good beer spots; about 8 miles
Pint Defiance / The Red Hot / Parkway Tavern / Peterson Bros. / Dorky's / Wingman Brewers

East Victoria, BC
Long, easy loop in a less-traveled part of Victoria; about 6 miles
Beagle Pub / The Penny Farthing / Christie's Carriage House / Beagle Pub

Central Victoria, BC
A short hike than can take all day in & around Downtown Victoria; less than 4 miles
Swans / Canoe / Spinnakers' / Hoyne / Vancouver Island Brewing / Phillips / Moon Under Water

Long, Dark Hike in Portland
A full day urban hike exploring SE Portland beer spots; about 7 miles
Base Camp Brewing / Hair of the Dog / The Commons Brewery / Lardo / A Roadside Attraction / Circa 33 / Horse Brass / The Beermongers / Apex

Two Bridge Trek
Good long loop around Portland -- better in summer; about 8.5 miles
Hopworks Urban Brewery / Henry's 12th St. / Burnside Brewing / Hair of the Dog / Cascade Barrel House / Apex

Meandering On A Monday
NW Portland; about 4.3 miles
Deschutes PDX Pub / Goose Hollow Inn / New Old Lompoc / Lucky Lab Beer Hall / Bridgeport Pub / Bailey's Taproom

Outer Limits (of SE Portland)
Outer SE Portland; about 6.5 miles
Roscoe's / PDXPedXer's Beer Cave / Landmark Saloon / Hawthorne HopHouse / Horse Brass

Pretty Damn eXcellent
Northeastern Portland; about 4.2 miles
New Old Lompoc 5th Quadrant / Amnesia Brewing / Upright Brewing

Sacramento Beer Week 2010
Downtown; about 6.5 miles
Old Ironsides / River City Saloon / River City Brewing / Streets of London Pub / Rubicon Brewing / Pangaea Cafe

San Francisco Fryday
Pacific Heights, Waterfront, Telegraph Hill, Downtown; about 11 miles
Pacific Heights Market / SF Waterfront / Pier 23 Cafe / Nob Hill Grille

Geeky SF Saturday
Around Downtown to North Beach; about 4.5 miles
City Beer Store / Public House / 21A / Church Key / La Trappe / Specs'

Ocean to Mission
All day hike from the Ocean to the Mission District; about 8 miles
Beach Chalet / Hockey Haven / Social / Kilowatt / The Sycamore / Pi / Doc's Clock / Shotwell's / Zeitgeist

Up to Tank Hill, Down to Toronado
Short, but steep afternoon hike; about 4.3 miles
Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery / Tank Hill / Toronado

Easy Day In the East Bay
Easy, flat hike from Berkeley to Oakland; about 6.6 miles
Triple Rock / Barclay's / Commonwealth / Lanesplitter / The Trappist / Beer Revolution

In & Around San Diego Town We only had one day in San Diego and we made it a good one; about 11 miles Monkey Paw / Mission Brewery / Karl Strauss / Hillcrest Brewery / Toronado / Hamilton's 

Mission Beach to La Jolla
Sunny tour of beer bars and brewpubs in NW San Diego; under 7 miles
Luigi's / Amplified Ales / Pacific Beach Alehouse / SD Taproom / The Bar Key / La Jolla Brewhouse / Public House La Jolla

Business Park Brewery Hike

Five of San Diego's best breweries in one day-long hike; 7.8 miles
Green Flash / Rough Draft / Hess / Alesmith / Ballast Point

Fun hike little tour of West New Orleans that I pulled directly out of my ass, as usual; about 6.4 miles
Cooter Brown's / Le Bon Temps Roulé / The Bulldog / The Avenue Pub

I explored Marigny and Bywater over 3 days. You should, too; 3-5 miles
Pizza Delicious / d.b.a / Maurepas Foods / Laffite's / Crescent City Brewhouse / The Avenue Pub

First of a three day UBH visit in and around The Big Apple; about 5.5 miles
The Ginger Man / Valhalla / Pony Bar / Birreria / Standings / Proletariat / Crif Dogs

Second of three NYC UBHs. Over the Brooklyn Bridge to Carroll Gardens and Park Slope; about 6.6 miles
Clifton St. Bakery / Bar Great Harry / The Gate / Bierkraft / The Owl Farm / The Double Windsor

Third of three NYC UBHs. West Village, over the Williamsburg Bridge to several great hangouts, then back to the East Village for a nightcap; about 6 miles
Blind Tiger / Tørst / Barcade / Spuyten Duyvil / Mugs Alehouse / Burp Castle / Drop Off Service

Only a few stops on this long, gritty walk off The Vegas Strip; about 6.8 miles
Stripburger / Freakin' Frog / Ellis Island Casino & Brewery / Public House

A very cold late-November visit to Indy, where we drank at a bunch of spots and then took a damn long hike;
Several places in and around Downtown and Broad Ripple (see map).

We got a late start and had an early day the next day, but still managed to explore Wicker Park a bit;
Piece / The Map Room / SmallBar; less than 3 miles.

A relatively short, but very cold hike on Dean's birthday. At least it was sunny;
Haymarket / The Beer Bistro / Goose Island / Local Option / Seven Ten Lanes; about 4.5 miles.

Orange County, CA
Spent 2+ days in and around Anaheim and loved what I found;
Several great spots in this area -- see map; as many miles as you want.

A long Saturday afternoon exploring Nashville;
Pharmacy / Fat Bottom / Corsair / Hops + Crafts / Jackalope / Craft Brewed / 12 South; almost 8 miles.

If we missed any good beer spots in Knoxville on this long hike, let me know;
Bearden Beer Market / Sunspot / Downtown Grill & Brewery / Central Flats & Taps / Casual Pint / Tomato Head / Suttree's; around 8.5 miles.

San Antonio walk hitting most of the best beer places and the Riverwalk;
Taps y Tapas / Blue Star Brewing / Stella / Friendly Spot / Filling Station / VFW Post 76 / The Granary 'Cue & Brew; 5-7 miles, depending on your route.

Probably the only real UBH route in Juneau. Long, but beautiful;
Alaskan Brewing / The Hangar on the Wharf / Island Pub; 9 miles

The first of hopefully several UBHs in the Capitol City;
Bluejacket Brewing / RFD / Church Key / The Bier Baron / Smoke & Barrel / Meridian Pint; about 6.7 miles

Coming eventually. Maybe.
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Asheville, NC
  • Austin, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Athens, Atlanta, & Decatur, GA
  • Revisiting and revising some old Seattle UBHs
  • more Tacoma, WA
  • Mount Vernon, WA
  • Hood River, OR