Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seattle Beer Week Training

If you are reading this, you are probably already well aware that Seattle Beer Week 2010 is nearly here.  (May 13-23)  Unfortunately, I'm going to be battling a rare abundance of work during much of the festivities, but I do plan to get in on as much of the fun as I can, whenever I can.

But this isn't just something one can jump into.  No.  One must be prepared.  One must do a little homework.  The fellas over at the Seattle Beer Collective have done an admirable job listing all of the events and happenings (that they know about) for the 10 or so days of SBW.  Yes, it's a dizzying array, but it would be wise to look over all the events, poke around at the participating venues, make some phone calls, stock up on aspirin, etc.

It would also be wise to start getting your body ready.  I read somewhere once (back when I used to read.  Now I'm more of a video game guy.) that when climbers take on the big mountains, they have to do a lot of "up-and-backs" in the altitude to so that their lungs get used to less and less oxygen.  (I think the technical term is acclimatization.)  It occurred to me recently that I would probably benefit from a little exercise here and there on the way to May 13th and beyond so that 4 or 5 pints of Hale's DIPA doesn't hit me like a ton of -*ahem*- hops.  I'd hate to miss out on some fun because I had too much fun the night before.

So, in that spirit, I present a somewhat epic hike that I plan to do this Friday:

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It's supposed to be nice out and I haven't walked around Seattle Center in a while.  The route is a nice mix of new places (to me), old favorites, and very old favorites.  As always, feel free to join at any time.  Just look for the dorky guy with the dog that looks like a fox.

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