Sunday, July 18, 2010


The other day I  began to experience a burning in my loins, but not the good kind.


After some reading and consulting with my father-in-law (an ER doc), I diagnosed myself with a kidney stone.  About a week later, after no movement, I found out that it's most likely an inguinal hernia.  Some people live their whole lives with these, pain free.  I am not one of them unfortunately.  My left nut feels like it's in a vice most of the time and I have a golf ball-sized bulge just below my belt buckle.  When I sneeze, I have to literally hold my guts in.  Getting through my shifts at work is a challenge (I'm always on my feet.)

As you might imagine, this brings urban beer hiking to a temporary halt for me.  I finally broke down and bought some health insurance and I'm seeing a doctor (first time in more almost 12 years!) next week.  She'll undoubtedly want to get me under the knife sooner than later (hernias require surgery, they don't just heal up on their own.)

I look forward to getting back on the streets, hopefully next month.  Please continue to keep me updated on beer hiking related happenings.


  1. That does not sound good. Get well soon.

  2. Yikes! Get better soon, I need to come urban beer hiking with you. I mostly do rural beer hiking (and caching) but I've been know to trek where there is beer on the city-side too.