Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Bridge Trek in PDX

(Portland, OR)

Here's another beer hike we did in Portland, beginning and ending at Hopworks Urban Brewery (practically next door to our Motel 6).  I'm not going to recount all the boring shit that I normally do.  I have a stack of video games waiting to be played and I can't bear to look at it anymore. 

Here's the map:
Two Bridge Trek; about 8.5 miles
Hopworks / Henry's / Burnside Brewing / Hair of the Dog / Cascade Barrel House / Apex / Hopworks

View Two Bridge Trek in PDX in a larger map

We did this on a cool, overcast Wednesday in late April, but it would probably be a better summer hike.  (Aren't they all better in the summer?)  As with any Portland beer hike, there's tons of places in and around this route that you can substitute for where we went -- and I'm sure you'll want to.  (I got a little bit of shit from locals for visiting Henry's 12th Street Tavern, but hey, the patty melt was delicious and they had two Walking Man brews on tap.  That's more than I can say for a lot of places in Seattle.)

I wanted to hike over one of the many bridges in town while I was there.  We originally planned to bus over to downtown, begin at Henry's, and then head west over the Burnside Bridge, but since the weather was holding, we just decided to grab a Crosstown Pale at Hopworks and walk it.  This practically doubled the length of the hike, but it also added a nice walk over the Hawthorne Bridge.

"Beer hiking sucks."
This is not a great hike to bring the dog along (except in summer, when more outdoor seating is available.)  Link spent the whole time outside and both Hair of the Dog and Apex have virtually nowhere to hitch up that you can see from inside.  (Although if Apex's giant outdoor area is open, you can sit outside and hitch your dog to the bike rack on the sidewalk.)  However, he did get a lot of exercise and slept extremely well that night.  We all did.

Special thanks go out to my buddy Jeff (fellow beer blogger and urban beer hiker) for helping us plan the route and find our way around.

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