Thursday, November 24, 2011

9 Mile Tune-up

(Seattle, WA)

This is one of two hikes we did to get ready for the insane 17+ mile UBH we did in August (more to come on that one later.)

It was so long ago that I don't really remember many specifics, but it was a perfect Seattle summer day and the views of downtown from just about everywhere on the Alki Trail were splendid.  The first leg is longer than any I've ever done without grabbing a beer along the way.  It was painful, but the point of this hike was less about drinking and more about getting used to the distance.  There weren't many options between Downtown and Alki anyway.  When we finally arrived at Beveridge, we were greeted with some great brews from Wingman Brewers (Tacoma, WA).

9 Mile Tune-up; 9.2 mi.
Collins Pub / Alki Tavern / Porterhouse / Beveridge Place Pub

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Here are some lame snapshots from the hike:

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