Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What the Hell is Taking So Long?

(Mercer Island to Seattle, WA)

I've been feeling a little guilty about not posting regularly.

My last post was over two months ago and it was about a beer hike I did nearly a year ago.  Fucking lame.

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be the first really nice day of the year here in Seattle and I will no doubt grab Link and hit the streets in search of good beer.  (It's not hard to find in this city, it's just hard to decide where to go and where to skip.)

For now, I think I'll just post a map of the longest urban beer hike that I've ever done.  It took place last August and I think we determined that it came out to be 17.42 miles.  We met at 10am on Mercer Island and finished in North Greenwood around midnight.  Damn.  Good thing I had nothing to do the next day.  I could barely walk.

Here's the list of places we went:
  1. Stopsky's Deli, Mercer Island - breakfast and a Dogfish Head Festina Peche;
  2. Over the I-90 floating bridge (on the I-90 trail) - a tallboy of 7 Seas Pale;
  3. Collins Pub - I think I had the Walking Man Strider Pale;
  4. Myrtle Edwards Park - we ate our sandwiches from Tat's Deli and shared some bottles we picked up at a shop in the Pike Place Market;
  5. Boxcar Alehouse - don't remember what beer I had;
  6. Lockspot Cafe - I think I had an Odin Brewing Pearl witbier;
  7. The Noble Fir - no idea what I had...  something sour maybe;
  8. Waterwheel Lounge - I might've just grabbed a PBR to be safe;
  9. Chuck's 85th Street Market - no clue;
  10. Snoose Junction Part Dieu - don't remember my beer, but the food was fantastic;
  11. Pub at Piper's Creek - nope;
I doubt I'll ever do a formal write-up (even fucking lamer) because I don't remember that much about it by now.  I've done several beer hikes since then and it all starts to run together.  Good thing I took some snapshots (see below).

Special thanks to my pal Chris for coming up with the insane idea and pushing me to do it.  Thanks also to my buddy Eric over at and his buddy Larry for rounding out our little fellowship.  Four people was just the right number for this trek.

Here's the map:
Midsummer Mercer to Sound; 17.42 mi.

View Midsummer Mercer to Sound in a larger map


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