Monday, April 2, 2012

First of Spring

(Seattle, WA)

So, it looks like this 21+ mile, 2-day mega-Earth Day hike (with keg) is happening.  More details to come, but here's a semi-spoiler:  I'm bringing the wheelchair out of the basement for this one.  (For the keg, not @socialretard.)

Anyway, with the frequency of warm, pleasant days beginning to rise in Seattle, here's a beer hike for you.  It's mostly dog-friendly and will take up most of an afternoon.  The first few stops are open early, so you're not limited to doing this on the weekend.  Click on the map link to see additional details and have fun.

First of Spring UBH
Barking Dog / Maritime Brewing / Fremont Brewing / Bottleworks / Elysian Tangletown; 5.3 mi.

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