Friday, June 4, 2010

Ambitious Beer Hiking

It's supposed to be a near perfect day tomorrow here in Seattle, so I'm planning to take advantage by getting back out on the beer trail.

I haven't felt very inspired to write about my Seattle Beer Week hikes (too bad for you, eh?), but I have been busy planning some routes out for the coming weeks.  Link and I are badly in need of some exercise and I'm badly craving some homemade beer.

So, tomorrow we'll start at the RAM - Northgate.  It may seem like an odd choice, but I don't think they get enough credit for some of the good work they do up there.  I've been impressed by some of their offerings at several recent festivals and tastings.  So there.

The route continues down (south) to Big Time, over to the Urban Beer Garden at Fremont Brewing, maybe a stop at the Fremont Troll and/or Brouwer's, then to Maritime Pacific and the great new Jolly Roger, and finally ending at Naked City.  This is a long one folks -- almost 11 miles.

Wear comfortable shoes.


  1. Sounds fun. Too bad I'm sick or I just might join you.


  2. Nice route. I was thinking something like this too, except maybe heading up Fremont Ave, through Woodland Park, up Green Lake, hit up Uber and/or Duck Island, and settle in at Naked City. Agree on the Ram. Especially $5 growler fills on Friday and Saturday!

  3. @Eric -
    Sorry to hear it. Too much fun in Hood River? Or Cooties again?

  4. @John-
    Indeed it's hard to go wrong in this neck of the woods. So much good urban hiking, so many good beer places. I apologize in advance if we run into each other at Naked City. I will likely be drunk and exhausted.

  5. I ended up doing a Green Lake/Greenwood route. Coffee in Green Lake, beers at Uber and Duck Island, a stop at Pillagers (probably wont be back), Naked City, Neptune for more coffee, Pig 'n Whistle, and Kort-Haus. Caught a cab around Woodland Park. It was a good outing in the nice weather.