Monday, January 31, 2011

Deschutes Brewing Beer Dinner

Sunday, February 20, 2011, 6 pm

When my boss at The Leary Traveler asked me if I would write up something for our upcoming beer dinner with Deschutes Brewing, I was both flattered and a little nervous.  I've never shilled for anyone on this blog before and the idea of promoting a for-profit event kind of made me a little squeamish.

But the more I think about it, the less trouble I have with it.  I enjoy Deschutes' beers and I really appreciate what The Traveler is trying to do -- beer dinners are few and far between in Seattle and I've worked at The Traveler long enough to vouch for the quality of the food.

Our chef, Shane Robinson, is, in his words, "pumped."  That is a very good thing because Shane is a terrific chef and the thought of indulging in a meal that he's excited about preparing gives me a GIANT THROBBING PURPLE VEINY ERECTION.  (Sorry boss.  Didn't you know that my readers expect a certain amount cursing and crassitude?  Have you even read my blog?)

4354 Leary Way NW, Seattle
To be clear, this is a BEER dinner.  We are purposely not billing these as BREWER'S dinners.  (However, I've been told to expect a few surprise visits.)  So all of you beer douches who are just looking for some stupid ego-stroking love-fest where you where you can rub nuts with Tomme Arthurthe Dons, or Skip Hansen look elsewhere.  Please.  (Although, it could happen.  I guess.)

So come out and see my huge boner at The Traveler's Deschutes Brewing Beer Dinner, Sunday, February 20th.  Maybe you'll get hard/wet, too.  It's a 5-course meal, with beer and good company, for $50 ($25 for food, $25 for beer, we like to say).  Tickets are available through or by e-mailing me.  This is our third in a series of beer dinners.  There will (hopefully) be another every couple of months from here on out and that's FUCKING fantastic.  (That was totally unnecessary.  Sorry boss.)  Past beer dinners have included, Elysian, Stone, and Brewery Ommegang.

Here's the menu:

1st course - Miss Spelt:  Endive, Green Goddess Dressing, Crouton, Shaved Parmesan
2nd course - Green Lakes Organic Ale:  Spicy Prawns, Mama Lil’s Peppers, Apple, Polenta
3rd course - Red Chair NWPA:  Coriander Crusted Pork, Fennel and Citrus Jus
4th course - Black Butte Porter:  Coffee Marinated Bistro Steak Medallion, Yam Puree, Brussel Spouts
5th course - Abyss Imperial Stout:  Marshmallow, Chocolate, Toasted Sesame, Graham Cracker

As for me, I'll either be attending as a guest or helping out with the service (probably both).  If I'm not cramming shrimp into my face, be sure to say hello.

Fun!  Yay!  *BURP*

P.S.  Please don't forget to tip for service!

* Disclosure:  Yes, I work part-time at The Leary Traveler, but I did not get paid anything to write this.  I will get $50 if I sell more tickets that my younger, better-looking co-workers, which I will use to buy a ticket to the dinner.  I do not get a discount.


  1. SELL OUT!!! That's an order, not a complaint.

    Too bad they're only bringing one beer that you can't find in a bottle. You should twist their arm and see if they can find you a surprise beer.

  2. That would be nice.

    I'm still kind of the new guy there. We'll see if how strong my strong-arm tactics are.

  3. Nice shilling! Exactly what the PR people envisioned, I'm certain. You clearly have a knack for polished, professional event promotion.