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Cold Saturday in SoDo

A few months ago my pal Colin invited me and some other pals to visit his upstart new co-op brewing space in SoDo (South Seattle).  He affectionately calls it The Home for Wayward Brewers.  (More information here.)  Another friend suggested that we make a beer hike out of it.

Looking for Oz

Even though it was cold as fuck that afternoon and felt like a long hike, it's actually a nice short walk that goes by old buildings, under the freeway, and around a lot of road construction.  Very urban.

Cold Saturday in SoDo UBH
Emerald City Brewing / Schooner EXACT / Home for Wayward Brewers / Hooverville / Collins Pub; about 4 miles.

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1. Emerald City Brewing
Jason and I had a bit of a time finding this little tasting room (I'm told they don't actually brew here, yet), but were happy when we did.  I liked their Maple Brown and flagship Dottie's Lager more than I thought I would.  It was really cold in there, though.  It was about 2 degrees outside and they had their roll-up door open.  Brrrr...  Link didn't seem to mind, though.

From Em City, it's only about a mile to Schooner Exact Brewing.  The walk was cold and miserable, but quite picturesque, in my opinion.  I caught myself wondering how long this area of Seattle will hold on to its grunge.  With so many of Seattle's neighborhoods transforming into forgettable carbon copies of one another, SoDo still has that feel of a city.

2.  Schooner Exact Brewing
Schooner Exact hasn't been in their space for very long, but it's already very warm and welcoming.  I've been here several times now it's been fun every time.  Their beers have gotten better and better, too.  I probably drank a keg of Puget Soundian Dark Ale myself in October and November.

My dog is actually illiterate.

3.  The Home for Wayward Brewers
Just around the corner from Schooner Exact there is a new little brewing experiment going on, headed up by my new friend Colin and a few of his cohorts.  It lives in part of an old warehouse or steel mill or something industrial like that. (There was a lot of clanging and grinding going on outside.)  They aren't an upstart nano-brewery or anything like that, but who knows where it could lead in time?  Right now they are just using the space for experimentation, learning, and honing their craft.  We stayed here for awhile and tried several of their offerings.  All very solid, especially the Hef, which I loved.  I encourage you to check out their blog for more insight to their plans and drop them a line if you're interested in learning more.

An unnerving sight at the co-op

Most of us made the whole walk, while some in the group summoned a cab to take them to Collins Pub (maybe 2 miles?  Maybe?)  FOR SHAME!!  I'll forgive them in time (they know who they are), but for now, let us never speak of this again...

4.  Hooverville
Those of us who kept walking got to Hooverville at an odd time.  It was quiet and almost completely empty and I've never seen that in all the times I've visited.  I think it was too early. (6 pm?)  No doubt that it wouldn't stay that way for very long on a Saturday night.  We had fun anyway, drinking beer and tossing peanut shells on the floor.

Link & The City

5.  Collins Pub

There are few places in Seattle as inviting as Collins Pub.  I love stopping off at this place on Seattle hikes.  The beer selection is always excellent and the food has never disappointed me.  If you haven't been there, you're missing out on a big part of the Seattle beer scene.  This guy agrees.

My wife met us here, so I put Link in the car and grabbed a pint of Cascade's Rye and fell into a chair.  It was hard to believe we only walked four miles.  The cold really took a lot out of me.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the hike. Even you cab-riding deadbeats.  Cheers!

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